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The City of San Luis Community Development Department is committed to a vital, competitive economy that increases prosperity for people and companies. This is accomplished by promoting sustainable and economic growth through economic development programs, partnerships, and innovative opportunities to create quality jobs and enhance city revenues.

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The City of San Luis plays a significant role as gateway for imports to and from Mexico. With the connection of I-95 to San Luis Commercial Port of Entry to Interstate 8 and Highway 95, the city’s industrial base increases the demand of business development and commercial shipping industry, directly connecting Mexican States with major US Markets. Our new commercial “super” port plays a significant role in imports and exports and it’s open for business. Rolle Airfield located in San Luis is currently available for private airplanes and aerospace testing. San Luis offers available commercial and industrial land for development in our downtown and at the new commercial port of entry.  We welcome you to start a new business venture in San Luis.

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