Water Division

About the Division

San Luis water crews maintain and respond to problems related to water distribution, treatment and customer complaints. With the use of a backflow program, laboratory services, maintenance and quality process control, the division seeks to provide safe and reliable water service to our residents while complying with state and federal environmental and health standards. The Water Division offers 24-hour on call service to meet the community’s needs.  For after hours emergencies please call (928) 341-2420.

Water Quality Report

This report presents important information on the City of San Luis water quality and our constant goal to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water.  We want you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment process and commitment to ensure the quality of your water.

High Water Temperature Study

The study presented in this report has important information regarding the City of San Luis water distribution system and our commitment to provide safe and dependable supply of water.  We want our customers to understand the continuous efforts we make to improve our water distribution system and pledge to ensure the quality and delivery of our water.  Please read the Temperature Data Collection report prepared by Nicklaus Engineering, Inc. for the City of San Luis regarding high water temperature.

Download the report (PDF).

Backflow Prevention Program

City of San Luis Water Department is responsible for protecting the public water, which begins at the source, includes the entire water distribution system and service connections, and ends at the point of delivery to the consumer. City of San Luis requires backflow prevention devices for containment of pollution sources.

Backflow Prevention Device Test and Maintenance Report

Backflow Prevention Device Test and Maintenance Report

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