About San Luis

At a Glance

  • Founded in 1930 and incorporated in 1979
  • Located in Yuma County with an elevation at 100 feet
  • Population estimates for 2013 is 32,763 with project population in 2020 at 44,963
  • Average household income $28,548 with median home price of $109,900
San Luis Road with Traffic

San Luis Community

San Luis, Arizona it is located at the Southwest corner of the State of Arizona, adjacent to the Colorado River and right at the border with San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico and California. Visitors cross the border between both cities on a daily basis, creating a sense of fluidity that impacts all aspects of life, culture, language, heritage, environment and most importantly economy. 

San Luis was incorporated in 1979, as a young city, San Luis appeal extends to the abundance of affordable housing and quality of life that is essential to attracting new residents. With a great educational structure focus in providing higher education and low crime makes this city a unique place to call home. Shopping in San Luis provides a range of diverse retails stores that are located in the downtown adjacent to the border. Shopping in the Mexican border town is always a favorite, and the open air markets in these town offers Mexican souvenirs, dentist, doctors, and pharmacies within walking distance from the border. San Luis rich heritage and cultural appeal makes this city a unique community.