Construction for Business Growth

San Luis Port of Entry II

This new commercial super port is a simultaneous development on both sides of the border, located 5 miles east of 1 of Arizona's busiest border crossing and entry points for cars and pedestrians. It will be equipped with:

  • 15 commercial processing lanes for inspection, enforcement, and commercial loading and unloading
  • SENTRI fast lanes, CTPAT and other technologies to improve commercial truck and personal vehicle throughput
  • Targeted completion date is 2009
  • Total cost of project is estimated at $110 million
  • Traffic congestion reduction to serve the thriving Maquiladora industry more efficiently

San Luis Port of Entry I

Following the completion of San Luis Port of Entry II, San Luis I on the United States side of the border will undergo a renovation to its facilities and infrastructure to improve pedestrian and personal vehicle traffic processing. The estimated cost of renovation is $4 million and the targeted completion date is 2012.

Area Service Highway

The Area Service Highway (ASH) will be a 4-lane, 23 mile controlled-access roadway that will directly connect Mexico and Interstate 8. The expressway will be a major facilitator in international commercial trade and provide direct, access to Interstate 8 for truck traffic with limited congestion. The estimated date of completion is 2010.

Industrial Parks

San Luis will soon have 2 new industrial parks provide space for the growing industrial business in the area. Currently featuring 64 acres, the Phase II park space is completely reserved. Phase III is slated for development within the next 2 years and will add 40 additional acres to the park.

A brand-new 250-acre industrial park situated to the east of the City of San Luis will be constructed to provide manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution facilities to companies utilizing the $110 million super Commercial Port of Entry currently under development. The Gary Magrino industrial park will be linked to Interstate 8 by the controlled-access Area Service Highway (ASH - 195).