The City of San Luis invites all students from Gadsden Elementary School District #32, San Luis High School, and Arizona Western College from the San Luis Learning Center to participate in the Cesar Chavez Art and Poetry Contest.

Cesar Chavez is known as one of America's greatest Mexican American civil rights leaders.  The contest theme “Harvesting Hope” is based on the book highlighting the life of the legendary Cesar E. Chavez and his struggles as a boy bullied at school and as the son of migrant farm workers — working long hours for barely enough money to survive - to his journey as a leader igniting a cause to improve the lives and working conditions of thousands of migrant farmworkers.

The contest theme “Harvesting Hope” is similar to the City of San Luis’ efforts of planting the seeds of civic service and education in our community. 

The City of San Luis believes that the “seed of education” will harvest success, prosperity and lead to improving the quality of life in our community. 

The City of San Luis is committed to developing partnerships with our schools, families and the community to complement and reinforce our values, culture, and the type of learning environment that can prepare our youth for a more promising future.

Event Date
Deadline for contest March 15, 2019
Work must be at Cultural Center March 19, 2019
Announce Winner (Arte en la Calle) March 23, 2019
Formal Recognition April 10,2019

Deadline: March 15 , 2019

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