dreams2022 “Dreams that inspire” Art Project 

The Cesar Chavez Cultural Center is looking to commission an artist or team of artists to design and paint four blank doors for our “Dreams that Inspire” project.

Site Description: The art paintings will be located on the eastside doors of the Cultural Center facing the soccer field. Doors measurements as as follow: 75 3/4 X 83 (Wide X High)

Project Goals: The goal is to promote local artists and expose their talent to the community. Our purpose is to make artists feel valued and supported by the city and at the same time be able to express what they think and feel regarding their vision on this project.

Theme and style: The title of the project is “Dreams that inspire” it is open to each person criteria and ideas. Artist will freely express what this proposal means to them however the art concept should aim to inspire everyone. The words “dreams” and “inspiration” may be used, but not required.

 The artist is encouraged to explore their creativity in the design and style of the art painting keeping in mind that the finished product will be exposed to the elements for an undetermined amount of time and that there is limited funding for ongoing maintenance.

The mural concept should be original, one of a kind, and new work. If known images are used, the artist is responsible for obtaining all copyright permission and paying all license fees. Copies of any permissions and licenses must be provided to Cesar Chavez Cultural Center.

Restrictions art painting: Business names, logos, branded tags, acronyms, trademarks, and any commercial, religious, or political advertising is prohibited.

Requirements: All participating artists must be US residents . 

Contest winner prize: Surprise basket (Two artist will be selected and awarded with a surprise basket)

Deadline for submissions: Thursday August 11th, 2022

Artist notification: Wednesday August 17th, 2022

Submission Guidelines & RequirementsArtists interested in this project should submit their proposals to Lizette Varela lvarela@sanluisaz.gov and Areiza Muñoz amunoz@sanluisaz.gov 

  1. Artist Information
    • Complete bio for all artists
    • A short description about the art design meaning
  2. Art painting Concept
    • Sketch or digital image of proposed art 
    • Descriptive material/equipment list
    • Projected timeline of installation (start to finish)