Terminate Utility Service

To terminate utility services please submit a service termination form online by clicking on the link below or fill out the service termination PDF form below.

Requirements for Owners

Please fill out the Termination of Utility Services Form (PDF) and return by:
Email: billing@sanluisaz.gov
Mail: PO Box 3750 San Luis, AZ 85349
Fax: 928-341-8549
In Person at: 1090 E. Union St. San Luis, AZ 85349

Water service will be suspended on the effective date listed on the request for service termination form. Garbage container will also be removed from the property on this date.

A final bill will be issued upon service termination and will be sent to your billing address. In the event that there is a security deposit on the account, it will be utilized to cover the final bill balance. If security deposit is larger than the amount owed after the final bill, a refund check will be issued and sent to your billing address as well.

If a security deposit happens to be less than the amount owed after the final bill, such balance is due upon receipt of the final bill. A monthly bill will be sent for three consecutive months (90days) after account has been terminated, if payment has not been received within this period, account will be sent to a third party collection agency and will assess a collection fee.