Key Industries

Logistic and Distribution

San Luis is strategically located at the southwest corner adjacent to the border with four states (Arizona, California, Sonora, Mexico and Baja California, Mexico) and two countries (United States and Mexico). The city is strategically positioned for the movement of goods and people. There are currently 15 major trucking companies specializing in refrigerated shipping and excellent back haul opportunities exist due to the volume of trucks crossing our international border. The area has strategic transportation corridors that connect Mexico through the San Luis Commercial Port of Entry II connecting the Port of Long Beach (approximately 250 miles) and the Port of Guaymas (approximately 174 miles.)

Food Technology and Agribusiness

Agriculture in the Yuma region is a $2.3 billion per year industry. The region provides 90% of the U.S. and Canada winter leafy green and employs 20,000-30,000 seasonal workers. Over 150 different crops are grown year-round. The City of San Luis primary industry is agriculture. The San Luis Port of Entry is Arizona’s second largest port of entry for imported fresh produce from Mexico.

Industrial Manufacturing

San Luis is Arizona’s second largest port of entry and the total dollar value of all commodities that moved through the port was $16 billion in 2014, an increase of 4.1% from 2013. Industrial users in the area find the market with abundant supply chain resources and logistical advantage over similar metropolitan communities on the west coast. The maquiladora industry sector, twin plant or co-production industry cluster model, operates in the region with electronics, agro-industry, textiles, processed foods, assembly, electronics, furniture, logistics, metal mechanic.


Tourism in the region has a $600 million per year economic impact. Medical Tourism in Mexico has grown attracting visitors to cross the border through our port of entry seeking cost effective healthcare. With over 100,000 winter visitors coming to the area, San Luis provide a passage to shop, visit Sonora beaches and for medical tourism.