April: Shorty Story Contest (Earth Day)

The San Luis Youth Center is challenging all youth from our community to our Short Story Contest. Participants must write a short story, 300 words max, in a blank piece of paper. (Topic: Earth Day)

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- Must be a San Luis, Arizona resident

- Must LIKE & FOLLOW San Luis AZ Parks and Recreation page on Facebook

- Must send picture or video to our Facebook messenger

- Must include Name, Age, Email, Phone number, and Grade (if applicable)

- Parent supervision while performing challenge

- Must turn in entries by 26th of every month or they WILL NOT count

- In person pick up for prizes ONLY

Short Story Contest Rules

1) Participants must write a short story in a blank piece of paper. Topic for the story is EARTH DAY and why it is important to take care of our planet.

2) 300 words maximum

3) Image with the story is recommended.

4) Send us a couple pictures via messenger: One picture of the youth holding his/her story, and another clear legible image of the written story.

5) Individual challenge: No help from others.

6) Participant with the best story wins.