May: Bottle Flip Challenge

The San Luis Youth Center is challenging all youth in our community to create the best bottle flip. Participants will be graded in difficulty level, creativity and success. Record yourself and send us your best trick!

Bottle Flip Challenge


- Must be a San Luis, Arizona resident

- Must LIKE & FOLLOW San Luis AZ Parks and Recreation page on Facebook

- Must send picture or video to our Facebook messenger

- Must include Name, Age, Email, Phone number, and Grade (if applicable)

- Parent supervision while performing challenge

- Must turn in entries by 26th of every month or they WILL NOT count

- In person pick up for prizes ONLY

Bottle Flip Challenge

1) Participants must come up with the most creative and challenging water bottle flip.

2) You may use one bottle or multiple bottles simultaneously (The more challenging, the better).

3) Bottle must land upright in any flat surface.

4) No adhesives allowed: Ex: glue, tape, etc.

5) 20 second video max