Festive Ugly Sweater Sweepstakes



  1. Must attend the tree lighting to participate.
  2. Must be wearing a festive ugly sweater to participate. 
  3. To participate in the sweepstakes, you must go to the check-in booth where you will receive your ticket. 
  4. One ticket per participant.
  5. No purchases needed to win or participate
  6. Participant’s ticket must include:
    1. Name
    2. Phone Number
    3. Age category
  7. There are three participating categories and there will be 1 winner per category.
    1. Ages 1-15
    2. Ages 16-30
    3. Age 31+
  8. Participant’s ticket will then be entered into corresponding category box. 
  9. Sweepstakes entry will close at 8p.m. 
  10. Winner for each category will be randomly drawn.