Nieves Riedel

City Council
Title: Mayor
Phone: 928-341-8520

Mayor Nieves Riedel was elected this past August 2, 2022, by the residents of San Luis, Arizona.  She has been a resident of San Luis, Arizona for over 20 years, a successful businesswoman in southern Yuma County where she has helped over 3,000 families in San Luis, Arizona become homeowners, has also been an urban developer and owns a construction company which she started with her late husband more than 30 years ago.

During all these years, Mrs. Nieves Riedel, as a mother of three children with successful careers, is a true believer in education and committed to the youth of San Luis, Arizona and all its residents.   As such, she has been an active community member has helped in providing scholarships to students in AWC and San Luis high school so that they may continue their studies.  She has also actively been involved in supporting several non-profit organizations such as the House for Domestic Violence Victims, Gadsden School District, as well as a sponsor to the San Luis Film Festival, among others.  As a resident, she has always strived to be focused on the needs of this community.

Nieves Riedel is a firm believer in San Luis, Arizona potential for growth which is her motivation to serve as an elected official for a second term.  In 2004 she was elected mayor and together with the council members in office at that time, many goals were achieved such as the city hall complex that includes the fire and police station, paid off some major debts that the city had at that time.  One such debt was for the water wells also at that time new vehicles were also purchased for the police and fire department. 

Mayor Nieves Riedel is committed to San Luis, Arizona community members to bring transparency in all decision-making that affects the city, treat everyone with respect, and to ensure that the San Luis, Arizona continues to grow in a responsible way. 


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